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Positive and Creative Digital Communications Specialist with over a decade-long background in new media, music, and TV/video production as well as exceptional strengths in online communications, digital strategy, and project planning.

Harris will help you implement communications plans for digital and social media and develop content for blogs, Twitter and Facebook, etc. as well as pictures and videos for these sites.




Skyhouse Music collaborates with independent songwriters and musicians SONGWRITING/CO-WRITING to create fire music for release, sync placements, and other opportunities. www.skyhousemusic.com

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WEB COPY is the main text that guides people through your website and other digital communications in a clear and concise manner.

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Great storytelling is at the heart of videography. Music Videos, Documentaries, Television--It is what Harris does best.

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"Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits.". ~ Twyla Tharp


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How To Solve The Mystery Of The Writing Process

How To Solve The Mystery Of The Writing Process

Good writing may seem mysterious but some of the mystery is removed by breaking down the writing process step-by-step.


By Harris Levon McRae  

The main point of all writing is to communicate a clear message to the reader. Words are able to take you places that may seem as exhilarating as breathing in the frosty morning air at the top of Kilimanjaro.  Writing can give you an adrenaline rush as electrifying as whooshing in your raft down the Colorado River taking in all of the magnificence of the Grand Canyon.  Words can transport you to other times, other dimensions, other worlds.  Good writing may seem mysterious but some of the mystery is removed by breaking down the writing process step-by-step. 


"Easy reading is damn hard writing." 

— Nathaniel Hawthorne

The best writers are voracious readers--you should be too.  Take advantage of being able to learn how to create narrative structures and characters from the greatest writers in history.  Read and learn how they develop tension and write dialogue.   Notice how they establish mood, images, and meaning while also delivering a strong message.

Just as musicians get inspired by other musicians, and artists get inspired by other artists, writers inspire other writers. If you want to become a better writer read everything that you can get your hands on.  Not just novels and nonfiction, but magazines and graphic novels as well.


“The most difficult and complicated part of the writing process is the beginning.”  

— A. B. Yehoshua

Good writers plan carefully how they will develop a message before they start to compose.  You do the prep work for your piece in prewriting.  The main purpose of prewriting is to find the focus of what you will ultimately write about.  This is where you choose a topic, gather ideas, and do any research that you may need to help back up your knowledge of the topic.  Although it is called “prewriting”, you will probably wind up doing a lot of writing during this stage.  Writing an outline, for example or listing all of your ideas.  Now you have your plan and you're ready to start writing.


“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

— Ernest Hemingway

Rough drafts are where writers get to write in a way that is the most comfortable for them.  This is where your writing style starts to poke through.  Writers use this time to add a little personality to help to communicate the message.  Let it all pour out--the good, the bad, and the ugly.  And there will be bad and ugly.  All writers can attest to this.  Take some risks.  Write.  Write.  Write.  Much of the mystery of the writing process will slowly unveil during the composing stage.


"You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what's burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke." 

— Arthur Plotnik

This is where writers pick apart what they have written in order to examine it and fine tune it.   In this step, you go over your rough draft with a fine-tooth comb and make changes to pinpoint your message.  Some writers scrap all of the writing done up to this point altogether and start over.  Do not be discouraged.  The best writers are brutal editors.  

Words can transport you to other times, other dimensions, other worlds.  When combined, reading, prewriting, writing, and editing serve as powerful tools to help take some of the mystery out of the writing process.  


© 2018 Harris Levon McRae

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10 things you need to make your band bio sing!                              (with examples)

10 things you need to make your band bio sing! (with examples)

One of the most important pages for your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) or your website is your bio page. It's a great way to help give you or your band that professional-looking pop. Your bio paints a picture of you and gives your fans, contacts, and the media a sense of who you are. Here are the 10 things that you need to help your bio stand out (with examples).

By Harris Levon McRae


  1. Members Names And Instruments

  2. Hometown(s)

  3. When And How You Started                                                       

  4. Your Discography

  5. Tours And Big Shows (Opening gigs)

  6. Comparisons And Descriptions

  7. Accomplishments

  8. Positive Media Quotes

  9. Edit! Edit! Edit! No Typos Or Spelling Errors

  10. Keep It Up to Date


                               MEDIA INFORMATION                 

                                         P.O. Box 2453, Portland, OR 97208 (503) 555-9311 info@skyhousemusic.com 


Born under a good sign at midnight at an open mic in New Orleans on the 5th of May in 2015, James Clinton and Lucinda Powell of Ocean View continues today to capture the magic and mutual admiration for each others talents and charisma of that night.  When asked to describe the music of Ocean View, one fan characterized it as “Taylor Swift jamming with the Police at Bob Marley’s house and then Drake shows up with a banjo.  The members of Ocean View play music that they love and where their interests direct them and let the chips fall where they may.  Hearing about the great music scene in the Pacific Northwest, in September of 2015 Lucinda and James jumped in a van and played shows and jammed with other musicians from New Orleans to Portland.  

For their third album--the self-titled Ocean View, James Clinton and Lucinda Powell dips into a very large grab bag of musical interests.  “A lot of world beat elements influence our sound but it is essentially a rock record, James explains.  “On this recording, I felt like I was really able to embrace a lot of writing and musical styles that I have loved through the years.  For example, combining country-style banjo with reggae-flavored guitar, “ Lucinda adds.  With its wide ranging musical ideas and synthesis of styles, Ocean View is a high point of Lucinda and James’ present endeavors and a clear vision into the bands future. The core quintet of musicians assembled for this project is diverse:

James Clinton has nourished and developed his music career in the city of Austin, Texas for the past several years, playing whatever styles his interests lead him to. Credits include the rhythmic funk rock reggae stylings of Upgrade, and the folk rock duo Just the Two of Us whose “Love is the Answer"” is included on the Austin independent music compilation Austin City Fire.  James also co-founded the hip-hop collective The Not a Dream Team  with DJ Swift, Cal MC and others and co-produced the smash underground Austin hip-hop classic “Catch and Release”.  Feeling the need to express himself as a solo artist, James ventured out to Los Angeles in 2014 to network and record his debut solo album Songwriter, an album that he wrote and produced and also performed the bulk of the instruments.  The LA Press called the album "a songwriting tour de force."  

Lucinda Powell has many diverse musical experiences as well.  She started playing classical piano at age four and bought a guitar in the 8th grade after discovering Joni Mitchell.  She went on to form an acoustic trio in Salt Lake City, Utah playing guitar and banjo in the band Up the Creek Trio which also featured Bruce Madison who would eventually write and star in the cult classic TV series The Mysteries of Anna.  Other projects included the Park City, Utah band Friendship in which Lucinda played bass and sang lead vocals.  Friendship became one of the most popular bands in Utah during the aughts, opening for many major label recording artists including Howard & the Hurricanes and the Nurses.  Friendship had great success with the album Redial in 2009 and through exposure at the Sundance Film Festival the song “Hard Funk” was featured on the television show Night Tunes.  Lucinda is also an accomplished music teacher teaching guitar, voice, and piano.

Kanesha "Pookie" Hardford  has been playing piano since childhood, the formative years being spent delving into classical, church music, and gospel.  Living in Kansas City, she couldn’t help but pick up love for the blues from the vital blues scene there.  Before moving to Portland in 2013, Alexa played professionally over 15 years throughout the central plains and Midwest, from numerous festivals to nightclubs, concerts, and radio shows and television.  As a founding member of The Blueberries, a traditional Irish group based out of Kansas City, Alexa continued to cultivate her skills in performance and arranging.  In 2011, The Blueberries album Hard Winter was produced by world-renowned Irish musician and scholar Sophie Murphy, who had previously received national attention for her 2010 documentary series To Ireland and Back for PBS.  Alexa is also a founding member of the French cabaret group Oui based in Portland, Oregon playing accordion, keyboards, and melodica.

Ayo Okafor has been playing drums since grade school.  A Portland, Oregon native, Ayo has played 600+ shows in the Pacific Northwest with 100+ musicians in just about every genre you can imagine including Afrobeat, rock, reggae, jazz, funk, country and blues.  A founding member of one of Portland's favorite bands the Afrobeat legends Kings & Queens in 2010, Ayo recently produced the bands album Positive Vibrations which will be out in the winter of 2018.   Ayo also plays a lot with Portland singer/songwriter Irene Jackson as well as with the alternative rock band The Fallen that describes their sound as “Roots pop with a blues edge.”

Abe Hicks, recording engineer extraordinaire and co-producer rounds out this diverse group of musical talent with some pretty varied musical experience of his own.  A veteran of the Seattle hip-hop scene, Abe is best known for his work with Livewell the Atlanta rapper with an outrageously lavish fashion sense and motor-mouth flow. He has also had hits behind the boards of songs including Chuck Taylor’s “Star Child” in 2016 and Lulu & the Pearl’s “Because of You,” featuring DJ Artiste in 2017.  As a member of the legendary music collective Sun Tribe, which Pop Culture magazine describes as “a hard group to get a handle on,” Abe brings a set of great ears and a great understanding of combining different genres of music to help Ocean View come up with a sound that is something fresh and exciting.


© 2018 Harris Levon McRae


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How To Write Web Copy

How To Write Web Copy

Web copy is the main text that guides people through your website and communicates your message in a clear and concise manner.


By Harris Levon McRae  

The essence of good web copywriting is to avoid readers wanting to move on by delivering a crystal clear message in as few words as possible.  Web copywriting entails writing articles, blogs, white papers, and other internet related writing in a way that intrigues the reader.  Your online success depends upon the quality of your web copywriting.



"Architectural excellence and design flair inspired by feng shui to focus on harmony with our clients, community and environment."

UNIVERSAL ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN is an international architecture, planning, construction, and interior design company co-creating with our environment, our clients, and our associates. in order to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome.

Born in 2000, UNIVERSAL ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN specializes in Sustainable Housing for families and also has inspired expertise in Commercial and Public projects.  We are a team of over a thousand design professionals with offices in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, and London. We melt collaboration, design excellence, and the harmony with our environment details of feng shui together to provide exceptional "sum is greater than the parts" value to our clients.

At UNIVERSAL ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN, every project is a collaborative affair.  A nice even flow of thoughts and ideas between Architect and Client to ensure a harmonious outcome and a balanced budget.  

Project Feasibility Analysis
Facility Assessments
Code Compliance
Urban Design & Master Planning
Land-Use Application Processing
Land Development Studies
Facilities Master Planning
Site Selection

Comprehensive Interior Design Services
Programming & Space Planning
Interior Finish Specification & Coordination
Furniture Plans, Specification & Procurement
Signage & Graphics Coordination
Art Coordination

If you don't see it in the above list, please don't hesitate to ask!

Portland, OR
711 NW Abraham, Suite 777
Portland, Oregon 97208
Telephone: 503-777-1111
Fax: 503-777-8888
Email: info@universalarchitectureanddesign.com


© 2018 Harris Levon McRae

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